The Founder

 "The goal of VRSN was not to start a business. The goal was to create a movement to inspire and equip people to pursue the best versions of themselves. If every person on the planet finds their best, the planet will find its best too. That's what I love about VRSN; It's organic, it's real, and it's making a difference."     - William Mahood

When I was 10 years old my elementary school needed new hockey equipment for gym classes. After months of not being able to have hockey in the curriculum, I started a business of decorating picture frames, selling them door to door, then donated profits back to the school to be able to purchase sticks, pads, and nets. 

The idea of being a catalyst for positive change was always taught in my household growing up, and I still firmly believe in the effect that people can bring by striving to find their best self. 

Whether or not you decide to purchase anything from this site, I hope that the VRSN mentality inspires you to pursue your personal bests, and positively impact those around you on a daily basis.

To your success!