The Founder

 "The goal of VRSN was not to start a business. The goal was to create a movement to inspire and equip people to pursue the best versions of themselves. If every person on the planet finds their best, the planet will too. That's what I love about VRSN; It's organic, it's real, and it's making a difference."     - William Mahood

Having started his first business at 10 years old and donating profits to his elementary school, William has always been passionate about inspiring ambition and positivity. 

Growing up playing soccer, baseball, football, basketball, and golf, sports and fitness has always played a role in William's life, leading to his passion of training in the gym and inspiring others to also value their own wellness and find their best.

Additionally, William takes pride in studying under some of the world's leading success coaches, including Bob & Linda Proctor, Darren Hardy, Eric Thomas, Gary Vaynerchuk, Eric Lofholm, and more. 

Now, in founding VRSN at 23 years old, William's desire to make a positive impact is in full force, seeking to inspire consumers to be their best, as well as directly supporting some of the most challenged communities in the world and lifting them to their highest potential.